Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3 HBO PPV Boxing

Boxing primary big PPV event for 2016 has been verified,Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3 HBO PPV  and it could twin as the final fight of Manny Pacquiao career. Bob Arum, Pacquiao promoter, told the LA Times lace Pugmire that the former multi-division globe winner will have a rubber match Manny Pacquiao Vs Timothy Bradley on 9th April at the Grand MGM in Las Vegas. HBO PPV will host the event, and on the line will be WBO Welterweight Bradley title.

Pacquiao and Bradley initial Fight in 2012, with Bradley winning a very controversial split plan and handing Pacquiao his initial loss since 2005. They re matched in 2014 April, and Manny won a clear unanimous plan to send Bradley to the primary defeat of his career.

Manny is coming off a common decision loss to Floyd Mayweather on May 2 in the richest fight in boxing history, the largely anticipated super fight did not live up to the top expectations, and Manny Pacquiao later exposed he came into the bout with a wounded right shoulder. As it stands, his final win is a 2014 November lopsided plan win over the unhappily over matched Chris Algieri.Bradley recorded his primary stoppage win in four years by knocking out Brandon Rios in an HBO big event last month. 32-year old American also beat Jessie Vegas by general decision in June, but not before suffering a big scare in the last round where the poorly rocked in the closing seconds. Timothy Bradley only other non-win of his career is a Diego Chaves Vs controversial draw last year, which came after the loss to Pacquiao.

Other options for Manny added rising star Amir Khan and Terence Crawford, but according to Arum, Satellite and Cable distributors did not feel Amir would do anything,” and that has a remarkable record, has not done best ratings. While Amir is not booked to bout anyone, Crawford is likely to guard his 140 lbs WBO prize against Mauricio Herrera in February on HBO regular. The bout would take place at Garden Madison Square in NYC.

For the record, Bradley vs Pacquiao I drew a reported 890,000 purchases, and the rematch pulled in 800,000. Timothy has never been much of a draw during his career, and the result of Mayweather could largely affect Manny PPV power, which had already decreased after his KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. There is a legal case to be made that Timothy could exactly get to win here, but it’s not actually bout that it suspect most fans were clamoring to view again.

Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3

Now it has been confirmed. Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3 has been settled. The fight will happen on Saturday, 9th April 2016 at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, US. Those who want to purchase the tickets must be patience because they have not been released publicly yet.

If you are not up to attend the venue when the event happen you can catch up with the match through your favorite screen. The respective event will be broadcasted through HBO PPV.

The interesting is that this event will involve Manny Pacquiao, one who will be retiring soon if he is selected as senate. He has the significant record of win-loss-draw to 44-3-2 with 34 knockouts. In the other side, Timothy Bradley has win-loss-draw record to 33-1-1. These fighters will draw out all their energies to win on the ring.

It is a great news for Pacquiao fans because he is just back from the shoulder surgery. Fans should not wait for long time until they can watch their favorite boxer again.The upcoming fight is marked as the third time the two fighters meet one another. They have fought twice before this bout. First in 2012 when Bradley won because of the split decision victory. Then in 2014, Pacquiao won after 12 round with the unanimous decision. upcoming bout they will fight over WBO welterweight belt. This will be pretty epic. As usual, this mega event will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena as well.

Pacquiao will be focusing on his political career in the Philippines. He will plan to participate in the senatorial seat in May, which is a controversial decision. The reason is simple. He is a boxer, not a politician. Tons of his fans do not quite agree with his decision. They would like to watch Pacquiao as their favorite boxer, or a politician. However, there is nothing can prevent one’s vision. He want to help his country to grow. But with all due respects, their fans still don’t believe that he will leave the boxing world completely.

Bradley, on the other side, is in his peak performance. He has just fought Rios in November and won. This is of course a definite moral boost for him. It leads the champion spirit to be brought for the next battle. Bradley believed that he would win this match.

We would expect such pre-fight heat not only between Pacquiao and Bradley, but also between three trainer. There will be press releases, teasers, and commercials that will enhance the atmosphere of the events. And you should be ready for it. It is will be too regretful to be missed, indeed.

The interesting fact is that MGM Grand Garden in Nevada was also the venue wherein 2 previous fight was held. So once again they will repeat their history. And this time, the result will not be the same. There will be a lot of surprising moments in the upcoming fight.Timothy Bradley won in 2012, while Pacquiao turned the table on 2014. Who will be the next winner? It is like this fight is the one which determines and conclude all the epic saga between them.

Timothy Bradley

Most of the fans of Timothy Bradley surely know that his nickname is Desert Storm. His real name is timothy bradley Jr. He is one of the most proficient light welterweight boxers in the world. Born on August 29, 1983, he has tremendous boxing record 33-1-1.He has been the WBO welterweight champion for 2 time. He is also the former of WBC champion under light welterweight division. With this great record, he also has defeated 12 world champions in his longboxing career, including Devon Alexander, Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao. Of course he can’t be overlooked by every boxer who is under the same division with him. One of the most popular boxing magazines, The Ring, entitled Bradley as the world’s #4 welterweight.

He made such significant achievement when he won WBC youth world welterweight and super lightweight crowns. However, wider audience recognized his name when he made his debut on HBO. At that time, Luis Abregu is Bradley’s opponent. He met up on the ring in a non-title match under welterweight division.Amongst his wonderful record in his boxing career he was stripped of his title once when he did not accept the World Boxing Association light-welterweight challenge from Aamir  Khan, the champion. Many parties felt disappointed about his decision. But some who understood thought that he was not interested with $1.3 million pay. To deal with Aamir Khan, many people thought that it was too low. is one of the top ranks boxers and made his real debut on November 12, 2011. Back then, he was defending his WBO junior welterweight title. His opponent was Joel Casamayor.Bradley has faced Pacquiao 2 times. The upcoming fight will be his third encounter with the prominent boxer. The upcoming fight entitled as “Pacquiao vs Bradley 3” will be one of the most awaited sporting events on earth. It is broadcasted under the HBO PPV option.

The event will be held on Saturday, April 9 2016, at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are up to attend the venue when the epic fight happens, then you need to be prepared at spending some bucks. The tickets’ price range would be $154 – $1,204.

As you expect, you can watch the PPV option right from your TV or other devices. This is supposed to be the last fight of Pac Man since he will participate in the senate choices. The bout will be covered with the HBO PPV, so it is your best option to catch up with the match right from your favorite screen.

Manny Pacquiao

Amongst the strongest fighters on earth, Manny Pacquiao definitely has special place in his loyal fans. Manny Pacquiao was born on December 17, 1978. He is a notable Filipino world champion professional boxer. Folks have been recognizing him as one of the most prominent boxers on earth. However, he is the multi-talented man who gives a lot of contribution in his life. At 32, he was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives. As the multi-talented man, he has also been conducting a lot of activities including acting, singing, and basketball.

There is no fighter can break his record since he is the first and only 8th division world champion who has won 10 world titles. Unlike the other fighter, he made such unbelievable achievement by winning the lineal championship in 4 distinct weight classes. He became the 2nd ranked highest paid athlete in 2015. What makes people adore him is because some of his fund has been contributed for charity.

But it is not only the fact that he is such a notable boxer. He was called as the “Fighter of the Decade” by BWAA, HBO, and WBC. His name has been always popular in the sporting news and boxing websites, including Sporting Life, Yahoo! Sports,, Ezinearticles, ESPN, BoxRec, and many more.

Although he also worked on different field, Pacquiao has been focusing on boxing career and a congressman. He is also listed as head coach of Mahindra Enforcers, one of the most respective basketball teams in Philippines. To ease you familiarize the respective boxer, let’s see the details below.

Manny Pacquiao Details
Born: December 17, 1978 (age 37), Kibawe, Philippines
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 144 lbs
Spouse : Jinkee Pacquiao (m. 2000)
Trained by: Freddie Roach
Team: Mahindra Enforcer

Up to now, people have deep respect to this fighter. There have been speculations whether he will continue his career as a boxer or not this year after the upcoming event. Pacquiao will meet up with Bradley under the 12-round World Welterweight Pacquiao vs Bradley 3  Fight Championship on April 9, 2016, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Promoted by Top Rank and MP Promotions, this epic battle will be covered with the HBO PPV option starting from 9.00 PM ET.

The tickets have been available from January 22nd, the price ranging from $154, $254, $404, $804, $1204. Ones can purchase through the ticket boxes or through online website such as Ticketmaster.Com. You can pay the tickets via credit card or phone bill.

Thousands of fans are looking forward to attending the event. Million pairs of yes will witness this moment from their favorite devices. How about you?